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Greywater (or Gray Water) Solutions

Thanks to recent changes in the California Code, home-owners can now take advantage of greywater reuse for irrigation and other purposes.

Imagine taking a shower and then reusing that water for your toilet... a system we like to call "Showers to Flowers"

Or using your cold laundry water with eco-friendly laundry soap to irrigate a few fruit trees in your yard... a system that we refer to as "Laundry to Landscape".

The possibilities are endless and the technology exists. Monty can help you plan out your system and install it with the expertise of a licensed and bonded plumber.

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To learn more about Greywater, please visit the Sustainable Outpost, a collection of books, dvds, and water saving devices that will help lower your monthly bills and help you consume less water and live a sustainable lifestyle.

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